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Video Captioning is used by video distributors and broadcasters worldwide. What makes us unique is our ability to do captioning with pinpoint accuracy and our attention to detail. We have experts employed in the company that have years of experience in providing captions to videos. Language is also not a problem, since we do video captioning translation for more than 200 languages.

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Wide Captioning guarantees 98% accuracy for our services. We also guarantee 24/7 Support to all our clients.

Steps for uploading file

First, you upload your video file here. You will then receive a free quote from us for your video. After paying for the service, you will receive the completed assignment through email. Our rate starts from $1 per minute with a free quote for first-time customers.

Video Caption Service

We thrive on building long-term relationships with our customers. We are technically equipped to help you in all your video captioning needs. We cannot stress how important customers are to us. We provide you with 24/7 access to our services wherever you are in the world. Your queries will always be answered through our online chat. You can talk with our customer care representative regarding any questions you have about our services. You also have a call back option where you can provide us with your email address and number and request for a call back.



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